Put ChatGPT to work for your business!

Using your website content, we’ll train ChatGPT to engage website visitors, answer questions specific to your products or services, gather contact information and route new leads to your inbox, phone or CRM automatically!

Leverage ChatGPT to accurately answer questions to gather contact information to send new leads to your phone to grow your business

From the first visit to the final purchase, SiteGlue lets you delight customers at each step of their buying journey.


Your SmartChat agent is trained to proactively reach out to visitors and turn more website visits into sales opportunites.


Your SmartChat agent precisely answers questions and professional recommends your products or services.


Your SmartChat agent qualifies prospects and routes high-intent leads to your phone, email or CRM in real time to shorten the sales cycle.


Get a SmartChat agent trained on your website content to engage visitors and boost conversions up to 40%.

Powerful Dashboard to Monitor SmartChat Conversations and Track Performance.

Combine AI with Live Chat

Monitor SmartChat conversations and join the conversation at any time to have personalized two way live chat conversations with new customers.Combine AI with Live Chat

Lead Routing

Manage your team and locations to route new leads to your phone, email and CRM.

Integrate chatbots with third-party apps

Pass the data collected by your SmartChat agent to your CRM, email marketing system, and any other apps and services using Zapier.

SmartChat Live Demo

This SmartChat agent was trained on our website.

Sample Questions:

What is SiteGlue AI?

How does SiteGlue AI work?

Can I customize the chatbot for my business?

Is SiteGlue AI easy to set up?

How does SiteGlue AI benefit my business?

Get a Free SmartChat Agent Prototype

for Your Website Powered by ChatGPT

Send us your business website information and we’ll train ChatGPT to provide trustworthy, accurate answer questions based your website, customer support documents and enable human handoff to send customer support request to your phone, email, CRM or Help Desk.

Send us your business information, website and customer support documents.

We’ll train ChatGPT to accurately answer questions about your website and customer support documents.

We’ll publish your SmartChat Agent and send you a link so you can test and learn hour our human hand off feature can route new leads and more complex questions to your staff, CRM or Help Desk.

Note: We only offer ChatGPT prototype training for business websites and customer support documents. We do not support YouTube, Twitter, TikTok or any other social media platforms.

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“Our clients love SiteGlue”

SiteGlue makes it easy to engage visitors and boost website conversions.

“We're seeing 40% conversion rates with our SmartChat agent.”

SiteGlue delivers true conversational AI to build trust and convert more visitors into new patients automatically.

“Not your average chatbot”

Since SiteGlue has integrated with ChatGPT we are seeing greater engagement with fewer abandoned conversations.

Learn how we train ChatGPT for your website and boost conversions up to 40%

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